Thursday, 8 April 2010


the indescribable feeling of acceptance you get when you find a person who is your match is wonderful, or so i hear.
you want to know from whom i heard? i'll never tell.
i live in a town that applauds ignorance. their voices raise in a cacophony of bilge, normally aimed at an infant or ten. they make me angry. it's an impotent anger though, one i have to express online. to do so to their faces would end with my hospitalisation. i like to think that i am above violence, but i'm not.

i don't like children. i say this often. i think though, to carry on a subtle theme, if you will, that it's parents i dislike. truth be told. i don't like children when they: run into me, look at me, speak to me, touch me, secrete onto me, make noise near me. they wouldn't do any of those things if their parents controlled them. 'little timmy, get oughta the wayyyyy!' screeches tramp stamped mummy. little timmy does shit all, merely approaches me covered in slime and crying. it's at this point i feel the best possible remedy for everyone involved except me is a swift backhand across the right cheek. i like to go right first. i always do. in mazes, which i'm obviously in a lot, aha, in computer games, when i'm lost in a beautiful city, i always go right. don't ask me why. i think it might perhaps just be a human thing. sounds like it, to me.

i recently went to new york. beautiful.

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